Work on the Dragonology project at the NiK NaK studio hit a significant point today. The VSD (bit of jargon there) was completed. Basically its a fully playable level of the game that contains a version of al the game play elements of the game. It's great!! You fly a dragon around the coast and do cool stuff. Wish I could show you but it's still a bit secret.
The other project has had me draw trees and foliage... all week. Kinda great though. Not a robot to be seen. Strangely all looking a bit 'Piranesi'. Again. Wish I could show you but...
Other news is that we have a great project lined up for Draw the World Together. Cool thing is that among all the big name comic book artists involved I also managed to get Transformers artists, EJ Su who is sketching an NCSoft character for us. Now that I can show, when he sends it over. and if you are lucky enough to come along to the Bristol Comicexpo you may even get a print of it ;-)
more soon. got a curry to eat.


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