Andrew Wildman is a designer/illustrator of some 25 years industry experience. His work as an illustrator has been used in advertising and publishing but it is for his work in the field of comics that he is best known. Illustrating for books such as Transformers, The X-Men, Spider-Man and Venom with such acclaimed writers as Larry Hama, Peter David and Ralph Macchio has gained him a devoted fan base. Further work includes character design and animated movie production for the TV and Video Games industries. Storyboarding for the film Wing Commander and design and concept work on games The Mummy, Gunlok, Jesse James: Gunfighter, Delta Force, Largo Winch and Dredd v Death have created a presence within the computer games industry.
More recently, Wildman returned to the comics world of Transformers with the Dreamwave and IDW published Graphic Novel The War Within – The Dark Ages, with long-time collaborator Simon Furman and Black Horizons with writer Tim Seeley published by Devil’s Due. Andrew was also Head Character Designer at BKN where he created characters for the animated TV show Legend of The Dragon along with Ali Baba, Kong: Return to the Jungle and Zorro: Generation Z.
Andrew is currently developing a Graphic Novel with Bulldog Empire creator/writer, Jason Cobley who he previously teamed up with on the comic strip FRONTIER for British comic The DFC. He is also Children’s TV series with Bob the Builder scriptwriter, Simon Jowett.

Other work includes character and environment design for the Games Development studio, NiKNaK.
In 2005 Andrew founded the charity project, Draw the World Together. The purpose of the project is to raise funds to enable education possibilities for street children around the world.

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