so why not make life easy

So originally I had a blog on Blogger, then I migrated to Wordpress which is great, now it seems that Blogger is the way to go after all. Easier to post to and (now) more user firendly.
So what am I up to at the moment? working in the Oxfordshire studio (as opposed to Guildford). Drawing Wizards and stuff for the new game being developed by KUJU games studio, NiK NaK. Check out the website occassionally for updates on the development of the game. It's gonna be great. As soon as I get clearance I will put some of the drawing up on this blog.
So what else? well. work has started on FRONTIER, the new western (with a difference) comic strip by myself and writer colleague Jason Cobley. It's great to finally have a project to do with Jason, we have had many possibilities come up over the last couple of years and finally one has the green light that we all wait for. A blog has been set up for that project (blog addict, me) and news of posts for that will appear... soon.

Ciao f' now

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