Its not normally me to do this kind of drawing but...
couldn't sleep last night. Woke up in the early hours and for some reason this image was in my head. At that point I committed to getting it down on paper and putting it here in the morning. Not sure if things in the morning are as good as they seem at 3am but there ya go.
So I sat there bleary eyed and read a bit more of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. If you have never read it, do. It's well worth it. Very similar to all the Landmark work I have done over the years. All about 'transformation' (nothing to do with robots, before you ask). One of the reasons I am reading it at the moment is it was the inspiration for the latest Marillion album Happiness is The Road . I have been a Marillion fan for many years. Their music has helped me through some dark times and celebrated with me during some great times. Amazing how sometimes you latch on to something that you feel will always be there. If you are not familiar with their music, check them out.

Didn't help me sleep though :-|

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Lee Townsend said...

Hi Andrew, how's things going, just found your'e blog via Neil Edwards, you have some great work up here enjoying the Blog.
I also noticed you are a Marillion fan, I have only recently heard Clutching At Straws, a bit late I know, but I can't stop playing it, not sure if I prefer Misplaced Childhood, I haven't heard any Marillion without FISH though! have you got 13th Star by FISH? a masterpiece! saw him in London last november what a show!
maybe see you in Bristol in May?