Back to 'normal'

The weekend is now just a memory. The 2009 Marillion Convention at Port Zelande in Holland was absolutely amazing! Three days of awesome Marillion music. By far the best yet of their conventions. The purpose built venue housed the almost 4000 Marillion fans, 3 bars, an amazing stage and one of the best light shows I have seen in a good while. This one was recoded for a no doubt DVD release. They do that every convention but the anti was really upped this time with boom cameras and all sorts of funky stuff. Wouldn't be surprised if we see some of this on telly. A big well done to all the band and organisers for making 4000 people very very happy.
So if you are not familiar with their music check them out at and join in the fun.
Back to work, back to live, back to reality and all sorts of new and upcoming fun :-)

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