The DFC is dead... Long live the DFC!

Actually, no... The DFC isn't dead. David Fickling and his inspiring team brought into this world something new and exciting, something that is just too good to disappear back into the ether. So until it finds its place again, the creators who found a home under the covers of The DFC (both published and nearly published) have come together under the guise of the Super Comics Adventure Squad!
Despite the Economic Woe, it is still an exciting time for the medium of comics and this blog will act as a hub for some of the best in British graphic storytelling talent, a place where you can keep up with what they're doing, all in one place, and where they will post news, events, sketches and comics, with links back to their own websites where you can see and learn more.

There is already a small archive of posts to view, written over the past week as we got ready to go live, including, for instance, some of the concepts that nearly became DFC strips (and may yet find an outlet somewhere else).

There is even one in there from me and a certain Mr F ;-)


Anonymous said...

I have found six sad the DFC is going on Twitter people and emailed all of them to tell them NO IT IS NOT and given them this link

I have put this link on my Linked In site

I have put this link on my Facebook site

I have emailed a friend at Reportage Press and asked if she knows anyone that can help

My daughter loves the comic and so do we all - and we do want to know all about Vern & Lettuce and everyone else for some time to come

Steve Virgin (on behalf of his daughter

Please make it simpler to post comments

wildman said...

A lot of people are very sad at the news and whop knows what may come of it. I think we havent seen the last of Vern and Lettuce ;-)