Many of you will have heard the sad news that the amazing DFC is to be cancelled after issue 43 if a buyer can not be found.
It has come as a blow to all of us who have been working on this amazing publication. The DFC editorial team should be acknowledged for creating the most significant children's comics publication since who knows when. In spite of its relatively short run (although 43 issues of anything is amazing these days) it will be held up as an example of what is possible. Circumstances stacked up against it and cut it shorter than we would all have hoped for but it exists in the world and is a publication by which subsequent comics will be measured. Its existence and passing has created a space for amazing new possibilities. David Fickling, the publisher, stood up and demonstrated what can be achieved with this medium and I think that that is how it will be remembered. All those amazing characters are now 'real' in the world rather than just 'good ideas'. Thats the difference between those that wish for something and those that have the courage to see it through.
We owe him one ;-)
If you have never had the opportunity to see what it was all about I would thoroughly reccommend you hunt down some issues. Either on Amazon or by getting in touch directly with the DFC through the website.
I also pretty am sure that many of the characters developed for the publication will be seen again.

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Dave Morris said...

The demise of the DFC is terrible news, not least because it will discourage publishers from trying anything new in future.

At least Frontier will finish its run - I've really been enjoying the episodes so far. But I'm gutted that we won't get to see Garen Ewing's Nazaleod strip. Gotta hope that's one of the ones that gets an early trade paperback release.