Bristol Comicexpo

No cards to post today.
The weekend saw the forst Draw the World Together sketching event without the sponsorship of games company NCsoft.
Artists, David Lloyd, Kat Nicholson, Jason Cardy, Neil Edwards, Andrew Wildman (me), Stephen Baskerville, Lee Bradley, Laura Howell, Andi Tong and Simon Wyatt sketched for the fans on Saturday and took donations. On the Saturday evening there was a small auction of donated items and art. We are still counting but proceeds are looking like being in excess of £600. Not bad for a small convention.
Pictures to follow.
What was great fun for me was meeting up with old collaborator Stephen Baskerville. I havent seen Stephen for quite a few years. We worked on many comics for Marvel a number of years ago such as Transformers and GI Joe. During the sketching event I did pencil sketches and Stephen 'inked' them up with black marker pens. would be cool to get some of these images emailed back. If any turn up I will post them here.
Also met up with Simon Furman for a curry in the evening. Haven't seen him for a while either so lots to chat about.

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