Sketch Cards

After the March of Dimes sketchcards went up on eBay (see previous posts) I have had a couple of requests to do more. I did do a few sketchcards a while back just for the fun of it and it would seem like a good idea to keep doing them. No idea what people would like to see so I guess it will just be whatever occurs to me at the time. I guess its an opportunity to try out some random things that I have never had the opportunity to draw for publishers. I haven't worked for DC so a few DC characters might be interesting although I might try and work through every Marvel character I ever drew. Anyone know what they are? If anyone has any suggestion of what they think might be cool let me know. :-)


Andy said...

The sketchcards look great. I'd love to see your take on some of DC's Green Lantern Corps.

wildman said...

Green Lantern Corps eh. Could happen

Chuck said...

That may be the best headshot of Jubilee I've ever seen, which is pretty impressive given how many issues of Jim Lee's run on X-Men she appeared in. Any idea when that one will be on eBay?